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socialnet International publishes social economy country portraits, book reviews, academic articles in a global context.

The country portraits/country profiles may be of interest for all who would like to gain a first substantial overview of the socio-political, socio-economic and social work-related situation in the respective countries.
Be it in terms of professional peer-to-peer interaction, for explorers, student exchanges, public agencies or social enterprises. Furthermore the growing cross-border need for social care provision and the digital transformation increasingly call for international and transnational knowledge education.

The articles of designated experts are published in German and English.

For further information, questions or suggestions feel free to contact us.

Volker Brinkmann and Doris Scheer
socialnet International

Country Portraits

12 Country Portraits by publication date

Vereinigtes Königreich

United Kingdom
2023-10-16  Max Krafchik
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Country Portrait Malaysia
2021-09-21  Nina Weimann-Sandig, Norizan Abdul Razak
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Australian welfare portrait
2021-05-12  Zhaoen Pan, Tejaswini Patil Vishwanath
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Country Portrait Portugal
2020-12-07  Helena Belchior-Rocha, Inês Casquilho-Martins, Vanessa Figueiredo
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Country Portrait Denmark: The Danish Welfare State
2020-06-05  Anette Nielsen, Jørn Henrik Enevoldsen, Samuel Pedersen Jones
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Country Portrait Finland - The Finnish Welfare State
2019-06-03  Susanne Jungerstam, Annika Wentjärvi
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Country portrait Germany
2018-10-12  Monika Burmester, Norbert Wohlfahrt
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Scientific Papers

12 Papers by publication date