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Global Migration – A Geopolitical Approach

Célia Heyer

Publication date 2017-08-25

socialnet Materials. Series 2: Akademische Abschlussarbeiten

Bachelor thesis for the final examination at the Hochschule Darmstadt, Fachbereich Gesellschaftswissenschaften und Soziale Arbeit
First consultant: Prof. Dr. Angelika Groterath
Second consultant: Kibreab Habtemichael Gebereselassie
Summer semester 2017
Grade: 1,0


Migration – whether internal or international – is a phenomenon as old as humanity. People have always been on the move. Currently though forced migration – the case of refugees – has gained in importance. Different political hotspots are at the root of the current mass migratory movements. Geopolitics – a widely discussed discipline that analyses and defines the relationship between geographical realities and politics – can be a useful tool to describe migration realities. Nonetheless, geopolitics, as any other form of knowledge reflects and reproduces power relations. To render the geopolitical perspective on migration more palpable and less theoretic the case study of forced migration from Eritrea to Europe is briefly discussed. Due to the current (political) situation in Eritrea – best described with an authoritarian regime, a lifelong national service and human rights abuses, people are forced to flee. Further political developments and security issues in transit countries like Sudan and Libya as well as the migration regulations in destination countries in Europe influence the way in which people migrate from Eritrea to Europe.


  1. Bachelor thesis (pdf)

Written by
Célia Heyer
Sozialarbeiterin (B.A.)

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