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Young people as human capital?

Challenges and contradictions of the activation para-digm in the context of a European policy for the integration of those young people fur-thest from the labour market

Prof. Dr. Jan Bertram

Publication date 2022-02-24

Here you can find the detailed German material.


From a socio-political point of view, young people are of particular importance with-in the European Union. They were hardest hit by both the economic and financial crisis and the Corona pandemic. Especially in view of the tendencies towards European division, the development of a professional and social perspective for Europe’s youth is one of the central challenges of the current and the last decade. This article develops the question of how the European institutions react to the crisis developments in the field of youth unemployment, what theoretical understanding underlies their actions and what consequences and require-ments for action result from this for social work.

Written by
Prof. Dr. Jan Bertram
Professor für Sozialpolitik und Sozialökonomie an der Katholischen Hochschule Mainz

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