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Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on therapeutic work with children and adolescents

Dr. Hans-Adolf Hildebrandt

Publication date 2022-04-10

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This paper is a reflection on the effects the Covid-19 pandemic has had on my therapeutic practice as child- and youth psychologist. The crucible of the pandemic laid bare conflicts and deficits which might have gone unnoticed under other circumstances, where they might have remained hidden under a veneer of normality. The paper will show and discuss the ways in which changes to the framework of the therapeutic process, brought about by the pandemic, influence the therapeutic process itself (transference, countertransference, resistance). The analysis will focus on the effects this has in group analysis which different age profiles. The increased compliance requirements brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, necessitate a closer integration of parents into the therapeutic process. Following two years of reduced contacts in public life, public opinion appears to be shifting towards a return to normality. The Covid-19 pandemic might nonetheless offer an opportunity to identify a broader phenomenon of the Zeitgeist namely the difficulty the individual faces in embracing opportunities for personal growth– due to decreasing focus on the psyche of the individual.

Written by
Dr. Hans-Adolf Hildebrandt
Diplom-Pädagoge, M.A., Kinder- und Jugendpsychotherapeut ­(bkj, DFT), Gruppenanalytischer Organisationsberater, und Diplom-Supervisor (D3G, DGSv), Gruppenpsychotherapeut (D3G), Forensischer Sachverständiger Familienrecht (IQfSV)

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