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´Game-theoretical´ aspects of adolescent cultural appropriation and risk management

Prof. Dr. Rainer Kilb

Publication date 2023-12-18

Here you can find the detailed German material.

So far, the theory of play and playfulness has largely been oriented towards childhood and childhood education. In the various disciplines of developmental psychology, educational science, social pedagogy and cultural sociology dealing with childhood, there are various theoretical and action-theoretical focuses on the individual and/or social functions of play and play. The cultural-sociological treatise "The Games and the People", which Roger Caillois wrote as early as 1958, broadens the view of play to include the ages following childhood, such as adolescence and early adulthood. This text now attempts to relate the most important aspects of Caillois' game theory to the developmental demands of adolescence and to address the significance of playful activities in this phase of life.

Written by
Prof. Dr. Rainer Kilb
Professur für Theorie und Praxis der Sozialen Arbeit, Gemeinwesenarbeit/QM und Konfliktmanagement

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