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Komplexe Dynamiken

Mag. (FH) Wolfgang Grabler

Publication date 2008-03-03

Here you can find the detailed German material.

socialnet Materials. Series 2: Akademische Abschlussarbeiten


Objective: Against the background of the biopsychosocial phenomenon of high-risk alcohol consumption and depression, the meaning of biological, psychic and social factors is to be determined in development and progress of those phenomena. Besides, the complex relation between high-risk alcohol consumption and depression is to be demonstrated.

A multi disciplinary, theoretical view is presented, compared and pulled together. The view is embedded in modern society that can provoke high-risk attitudes and risky coping strategies. In a social-pedagogical approach, the relevance of coping with given circumstances in peoples Everyday Life is highlighted. Everyday Life represents the interface between subjective interpretative and coping patterns and the "objective" given circumstances. To understand these special behavioural patterns the significance of modern society needs to be unclosed.

Results and conclusions: High-risk alcohol consumption and depression are coping strategies that influence mutually. These phenomena are adaptive behaviour to anomy in society. The disparity of individual and social resources can lead to psychosocial instability, which the subjects want to balance even with high-risk alcohol consumption or depressive attitudes. Therefore, the social relevance for those phenomena regarding to development, progress and treatment is important.

Written by
Mag. (FH) Wolfgang Grabler

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