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Lothar Böhnisch: Pädagogik und Männlichkeit

Reviewed by Dr. Miriam Damrow, 2016-01-07

Cover Lothar Böhnisch: Pädagogik und Männlichkeit ISBN 978-3-7799-2308-4

Lothar Böhnisch: Pädagogik und Männlichkeit. Eine Einführung. Beltz Juventa (Weinheim und Basel) 2015. 256 pages. ISBN 978-3-7799-2308-4. 19,95 EUR.

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Lothar Böhnisch conceptualizes masculinity as being man and being a boy from a psychoanalytical background and refers continuously to the background from different angles. Other theoretical background remains rather marginalized which results in a restricted validity of his book. Critically reviewing the book, it can be concluded that Böhnisch again emphasizes the importance of observing “deviant“ male behaviour by searching for underlying mechanisms. He claims that deviant male behaviour stands for attention seeking and acceptance-seeking insecure males growing up. Socially competent acting males remain largely unconsidered in his work.

Review by
Dr. Miriam Damrow
Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal

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