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Ines Langemeyer: Das Wissen der Achtsamkeit

Reviewed by Prof. Dr. phil. Barbara Wedler, 2016-06-03

Cover Ines Langemeyer: Das Wissen der Achtsamkeit ISBN 978-3-8309-3308-3

Ines Langemeyer: Das Wissen der Achtsamkeit. Kooperative Kompetenz in komplexen Arbeitsprozessen. Waxmann Verlag (Münster, New York) 2015. 276 pages. ISBN 978-3-8309-3308-3. D: 34,90 EUR, A: 35,90 EUR.

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One of the great strengths of this reference book is the excellent research on disasters concerning High- Reliability Organizations (HRO). The authors broad scope based on models and theories of different scientifical fields proofs that the factor „team“ is the key to a solid and formative practice of modern technologies. A team developed attention and awareness regarding the work process belong to the conductive conditions when dealing with high-technologies. Furthermore a multiprofessional cooperation represents an essential factor. All actors are skilled in cooperative competences. However Langemeyer doesn´t stop at this knowledge but points out the dangers of a dogmatic use of technologies. At this point power structures come into the view of the observer and invite implicitly to deal critically with social conditions.


An absolutely profound book on a yet scientifically sparesly reflected theme which for sure can be read more than once giving impulse into different directions. A book every (team) leader should read; offering a professional base in discussions on professionalization. Afterwards the reader of this reference book will take a closer look on collaboration, discussions about guiding principles and the high technologization of work processes- only to mention a view points. Though Langemeyer uses very specific theories and models she shows in a profound and descriptive way that it is about more than competency only: it is about cooperative competency! Everyone to whom the future, humans, as well as safe and formative work processes play a role should read this book, more than once!

Review by
Prof. Dr. phil. Barbara Wedler
Professur für klinische Sozialarbeit und Gesundheitswissenschaften

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