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David Tobinski: Kognitive Psychologie

Reviewed by Dr. Alexander N. Wendt, 2018-01-23

Cover David Tobinski: Kognitive Psychologie ISBN 978-3-662-53947-7

David Tobinski: Kognitive Psychologie. Problemlösen, Komplexität und Gedächtnis. Springer (Berlin) 2017. 125 pages. ISBN 978-3-662-53947-7. D: 24,99 EUR, A: 25,69 EUR, CH: 26,00 sFr.

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In the last fifty years, cognitivism as a paradigm delivered a contribution to the comprehension of problem-solving behavior. The functionalist concept of a minimal-notion of problems as a relation between initial states and goal states which are separated by barriers has incited a detailed and complex tradition of psychological empirical research. Tobinski´s textbook presents the principal constructivist and information-theoretical concepts of this tradition of thought, not without displaying perspectives of advance: intransparency and complexity are seen to be notions with which comprehension can be fostered. While there is no reason denying the constructivist scope of this approach, some lose ends appears once the reader tries to transfer the heavily formalized considerations onto their own experiences as the actual objective of psychological research. Therefore, the textbook can be recommended as an introduction into the contemporarily dominant paradigm of psychological problem-solving research – however, one should not examine it without a critical attitude provided the purpose of further and refined thought.

Review by
Dr. Alexander N. Wendt
Dr./M.Sc. (Psychologie), M.A. (Philosophie)

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