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Zwischenraum Kollektiv (Ed.): Decolonize the City!

Reviewed by Prof. Dr. Detlef Baum, 2017-10-26

Cover  Zwischenraum Kollektiv (Hrsg.): Decolonize the City! ISBN 978-3-89771-546-2

Zwischenraum Kollektiv (Ed.): Decolonize the City! Zur Kolonialität der Stadt - Gespräche, Aushandlungen, Perspektiven. Unrast Verlag (Münster) 2017. 196 pages. ISBN 978-3-89771-546-2. D: 14,00 EUR, A: 14,40 EUR, CH: 20,90 sFr.
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This book represents different perspectives of consideration and analyse of colonialization if cities and how cities could be decolonized. With colonization is meant that a weaken population has been deprived its cultural, ethnic and social identity by a more powerful population. Insofar decolonialization is a process of reconquest this identity. The articles of the book are written by authors, who are activity involved in social and political processes of this form of colonialization in the cities, which history is shaped by colonialization. They reflect and analyse these processes and why theses process are successful or not against the socio-structural, historical and cultural background of the cities and its development. And the articles show, how a new form of colonialization takes place: policy control, and surveillance lead to a urban space, in which groups like homeless people, drug abuser, alcoholics do not find a place. And processes of residential segregation produce social exclusion of big groups of population, which do not find any access to the nuclear spaces of cities.

Review by
Prof. Dr. Detlef Baum
Professor em. Arbeits- u. Praxisschwerpunkte: Gemeinwesenarbeit, stadtteilorientierte Sozialarbeit, Soziale Stadt, Armut in der Stadt Forschungsgebiete: Stadtsoziologie, Stadt- und Gemeindeforschung, soziale Probleme und soziale Ungleichheit in der Stadt

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