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Rupert Graf Strachwitz: Der kritische Blick. 50 Kolumnen

Reviewed by Dr. Thomas Kowalczyk, 2018-02-23

Cover Rupert Graf Strachwitz: Der kritische Blick. 50 Kolumnen ISBN 978-3-935975-57-5

Rupert Graf Strachwitz: Der kritische Blick. 50 Kolumnen. Maecenata Verlag (München) 2017. 100 pages. ISBN 978-3-935975-57-5. D: 14,80 EUR, A: 15,30 EUR.
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Rupert Graf Strachwitz collects in his book 50 columns published in the magazine DIE STIFTUNG. He writes about a wide variety of topics. The columns usually start with factual information with great expertise and commentary. Often, then follows a passage that shows perspectives from the point of view of the author. Despite the large variety of topics, this volume nevertheless reads like a coherent book. This is based on the content-related context, which is always re-established across every column by the author. Strachwitz assigns the columns mainly in the major topics of foundations and philanthropy, civil society and benefit to the public plus Europe. In this review, the columns are discussed according to these headlines.
Undoubtedly, Strachwitz is an authentic representative of civil society, philanthropy and, moreover, a convinced European. He writes – out of this attitude – very informative, critical and reflexive.

Particularly noteworthy are the factual informations that initiate almost every column. They have two effects. On the one hand, they add up to a very small, easy-to-read fact book. On the other hand, they provide readers with basic knowledge, which enables them to gain an own critical view of the subsequent discussion of a topic. As a whole, the book offers a rich and critical, but undoubtedly positive view to foundations, philanthropy, civil society and Europe.

Review by
Dr. Thomas Kowalczyk
Geschäftsführer COMES e.V., Berlin

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