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Kathleen A. Moore, Petra Buchwald (Eds.): Stress and anxiety

Reviewed by Prof. Dr. phil. Barbara Wedler, 2018-08-18

Cover Kathleen A. Moore, Petra Buchwald (Hrsg.): Stress and anxiety ISBN 978-3-8325-4507-9

Kathleen A. Moore, Petra Buchwald (Eds.): Stress and anxiety. Coping and resilience. Logos Verlag (Berlin) 2018. 234 pages. ISBN 978-3-8325-4507-9. D: 39,00 EUR, A: 40,10 EUR.
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In the center of all contributions are the phenomena stress, anxiety and coping. The authors reflect those in different settings, among different age groups as well as under theoretical aspects. All contributions are characterized by a clear description of the target group, its research methodology and detailed presentation of research results. Due to this accuracy the recipients are being enabled to reflect, transfer and compare to their own reality. Especially the additional research references encourage to develop an own research question for example regarding exam anxiety of students etc. The motivation to carry out own studies or for using the prevention approaches are to be found throughout the book. Due to the language used and specifics of the studies this collective volume might be primarily be worked with by professionals and students.


This collective volume is more than an assembly of issue-specific articles. The presented studies contain each an abundance of findings when it comes to stress, anxiety and coping and concomitant with those always come resilience and vulnerability. Adolescents, adults, students, teachers etc. are being addressed and will find an equivalent in the studies presented. This creates a liveliness and especially reflects the high-quality practice-oriented research. For this reason, professors of human sciences and social scientists should work though this collective volume (with their students).

Review by
Prof. Dr. phil. Barbara Wedler

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