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Carola Kuhlmann, Hildegard Mogge-Grotjahn et al. (Eds.): Soziale Inklusion

Reviewed by Prof. Dr. phil. Barbara Wedler, 2018-08-03

Cover Carola Kuhlmann, Hildegard Mogge-Grotjahn u.a. (Hrsg.): Soziale Inklusion ISBN 978-3-17-030807-7

Carola Kuhlmann, Hildegard Mogge-Grotjahn, Hans-Jürgen Balz, Rudolf Bieker (Eds.): Soziale Inklusion. Theorien, Methoden, Kontroversen. Verlag W. Kohlhammer (Stuttgart) 2018. 196 pages. ISBN 978-3-17-030807-7. 29,00 EUR.
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The authors embed this basic literature in socio-scientific Meta-theories and consider the current debate about inclusion against the backdrop of those. The students are being enabled to critically reflect practice(projects) with the help of theoretical knowledge as well as their mindset and action and the complex interaction of society, policy and science regarding inclusion. The suggestion for a cross-sectoral mindset and action is seen as an urgency on the pathway to an inclusive society. The framework is being competed by considering current controversies, paradoxes and barriers and in view of the mentioned meta-theories. Especially this framework invites to follow and challenges to overcome extreme positions concerning inclusion and an inclusive society. Beside the profound examination with social inclusion this subject book strikes with its structure. Preceded contents and learning objectives of the single chapters, a comprehensible introduction to relevant terms and theories as well as concluding discussions take along and encourage the readers to think a step ahead. The candid view for controversial political and professional discourses on inclusion is truly refreshing and reminds that any subject-specific bias might also restrict inclusion.


This is a high-quality subject book which is written in a comprehensible manner and instructs step by step the delving into the complex system of theory and practice as well as policy and society. The topic inclusion comes alive with all its opportunities, barriers and misunderstandings. This book belongs into every special library and ought to be an obligation for everyone to whom, vocationally or generally, inclusion is a matter. Read in the right way "Social Inclusion" opens up ones view for all the dimensions, levels and facets of an inclusive life which as well includes exclusion. Many thanks to the authors for this book!

Review by
Prof. Dr. phil. Barbara Wedler

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