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Johannes Storch, Dieter Olbrich et al.: Burn-out, ade

Reviewed by Prof. Dr. phil. Barbara Wedler, 2018-07-30

Cover Johannes Storch, Dieter Olbrich u.a.: Burn-out, ade ISBN 978-3-456-85803-6

Johannes Storch, Dieter Olbrich, Maja Storch: Burn-out, ade. Wie ein Strudelwurm den Weg aus der Stressfalle zeigt. Hogrefe AG (Bern) 2018. 187 pages. ISBN 978-3-456-85803-6. 24,95 EUR. CH: 32,50 sFr.
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Discussion and Summary

The authors present a book of a particular kind. The individual characteristics of exhaustion of 5 different persons are vividly being described. These persons accompany the reader throughout the book and encourage to test the introduced treatments with them. By being introduced in the system of valuation and decision-making of our brain, the reader will also get to know the “Strudelwurm“, a worm representing the alert system of the brain. The symbolization of such complex systems helps to understand and keep the scientific knowledge. This is how Storch/ Olbrich and Storch outline the Zurich Resource Model (ZRM) and invite their protagonists (and indirectly the recipients) to detect their needs with the help of different methods.

The ambition of this book is to conciliate needs and requirements. As soon as this base is build the authors introduce the prevention program GUSI which is the core of the ZRM. Before letting the protagonists' stories of exhaustion come to a good end, essential findings about Burn-out are being presented. The bottom line is that Burn-out is trap no one needs to fall into and that the search for resources for self-regulation can give pleasure. That's why this book offers a lot of suggestions in the sense of coherence and the opportunity for discovery for a diversity of people and as well it is a great model for how science can be used in an action-oriented way.


Science is brilliantly “wrapped“ in this book. The reader is being accompanied by 5 protagonists on their way from exhaustion to stress management. It is markedly good to read and the content of “Burn-out, ade“ (“Goodbye Burn-out“) gains due to the hand-drawn illustrations a certain lightness which makes it an exceptional book. It can be worked through with a wink and the presented methods tested with zest. To impart science with wit is a high standard. If it only always would bring that much joy!

Review by
Prof. Dr. phil. Barbara Wedler

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