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Ingrid Strobel: Stressbewältigung und Burnoutprävention

Reviewed by Prof. Dr. phil. Barbara Wedler, 2019-01-25

Cover Ingrid Strobel: Stressbewältigung und Burnoutprävention ISBN 978-3-13-240226-3

Ingrid Strobel: Stressbewältigung und Burnoutprävention. Einzelberatung und Leitfaden für Seminare. Georg Thieme Verlag (Stuttgart) 2018. 2. Edition. 168 pages. ISBN 978-3-13-240226-3. 29,99 EUR.
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Ingrid Strobel begins her book with an illustration of current stressors which lead through the entire text. This appealing way of illustration pervades this textbook as well as phrases, short summaries, and working materials. The basic knowledge is prepared ready for use. In the best psychotherapeutic sense, the author uses among other parables and pictures to explain biochemical stress reactions. „PakEs“ as a holistic concept for coping with stress communicates as symbolically by the naming the successful handling of stress. The theoretical concept is briefly explained in order to present the steps for the individual setting in detail. The documentation of individual examples brings „PakEs“ to life. The joy of the success of this optimistic concept results in the „good mood package“ and other meaningful anti-stress anchors. These are suitable as a door plate, mirror lettering and more. Ingrid Strobel presents a highly instructive and entertaining textbook that can and should be used in a variety of teaching areas and educational levels. At the same time, lecturers, counselors, therapists etc. find suggestions and materials for their own field of work. As this book begins with the self-reflection of the author, the lecturers are more and more drawn into the role of reflecting. The change from object to subject – that is the optimum which can be experienced while reading a book!


The first impression: again a book about sensitivities. But no, each page read ignites the flame of enthusiasm. Strobel translates science very pointedly and almost caricaturally illustrates it. Therefore, the book itself has a stress-reducing effect while reading. This book is unreservedly readable and recommended!

Review by
Prof. Dr. phil. Barbara Wedler

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