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Maria Karidi, Martin Schneider et al. (Eds.): Resilienz (Wandel und Transformation)

Reviewed by Prof. Dr. phil. Barbara Wedler, 2019-07-18

Cover Maria Karidi, Martin Schneider u.a. (Hrsg.): Resilienz (Wandel und Transformation) ISBN 978-3-658-19221-1

Maria Karidi, Martin Schneider, Rebecca Gutwald (Eds.): Resilienz. Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven zu Wandel und Transformation. Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH (Wiesbaden) 2018. 357 pages. ISBN 978-3-658-19221-1. D: 44,99 EUR, A: 46,25 EUR, CH: 46,50 sFr.
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The team of authors released a specialised book, which was long overdue. Within 13 parts, scientists of various disciplines are dealing with the concept of resilience and do a further development of the concept. In their articles, the writers move away from an allocation of resilience on individuals forward to a general debate on values. Accordingly, to that representatives from politics and economy were put in charge for their responsibility. The authors highlight two significant things: the requirement for reflexivity regarding the scientific system and the utilization of an academic discussion within public. Interesting in that perspective is the holistic view of resilience in the context of work. The growing importance of humanities and social sciences is illustrated by the reference to social issues and is a requirement for the arrangement of extensive systemic changes. As an example can be named the developmental programs or the development of regional energy systems. The credo of this anthology remains: a resilient society needs changes.


This anthology discusses the concept of resilience from its highest scientific level. A look at resilience from various disciplines enriches and expands the discussion of resilience. It is high time, that the focus is not only based on the individual, but also on politics and the economy. Thank you for all the insights into the interdisciplinary research on resilience. The current anthology should be included in the teaching of different scientific disciplines and should even encourage for further research. Since resilience is much more than individual strength.

Review by
Prof. Dr. phil. Barbara Wedler

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