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Frank Rehmet, Neelke Wagner et al.: Volksabstimmungen in Europa

Reviewed by Dr. phil. Alexander Akel, Lukas Kiepe, 2020-06-02

Cover Frank Rehmet, Neelke Wagner u.a.: Volksabstimmungen in Europa ISBN 978-3-8474-2275-4

Frank Rehmet, Neelke Wagner, Tim Willy Weber: Volksabstimmungen in Europa. Regelungen und Praxis im internationalen Vergleich. Verlag Barbara Budrich GmbH (Opladen, Berlin, Toronto) 2020. 202 pages. ISBN 978-3-8474-2275-4. D: 26,00 EUR, A: 26,80 EUR.

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In conclusion, the authors fully achieve their second objective of depicting and categorizing collected data on referenda in Europe in a comprehensible manner. However, their first objective of a theoretical and conceptual clarification of relevant terms for the study could not be fully attained due to a lack of clarity. In a third objective, the authors aim at deducing recommendations based on empirical data on the practices of direct democracy in 28 European States. The authors meet their third objective in respect that they depict reform proposals for „good practices“ of direct democracy. The proposals can be critically acknowledged in further, more detailed discussions.

Anyone interested in empirical introductory and reference works on direct democracy and its practice in Europe will benefit from engaging with this work by Rehmet et al.: „Volksabstimmungen in Europa. Regelungen und Praxis im internationalen Vergleich.“ It displays an extensive, differentiated, and meticulously composed collection of data on 1,500 referenda in 43 European States. On that account, the work provides an ideal material basis for a further embedment of the presented data into studies with a broader theoretical framework in the research field of direct democracy.

Review by
Dr. phil. Alexander Akel
B.A. Politikwissenschaft/Philosophie, Leitung der externen Koordinierungs- und Fachstelle der Partnerschaft für Demokratie beim Verein für Völkerverständigung e.V. der Hansestadt Warburg, Lehrbeauftragter für Politik und Soziologie an der Hessischen Hochschule für öffentliches Management und Sicherheit (HöMS) in Kassel

Lukas Kiepe
Mitarbeiter Universität Kassel

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