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Sabrina Haase: Stress Dich nicht

Reviewed by Prof. Dr. phil. Barbara Wedler, 2021-02-19

Cover Sabrina Haase: Stress Dich nicht ISBN 978-3-432-11014-1

Sabrina Haase: Stress Dich nicht. Das 6-Wochen-Programm: Denkweise verändern und Stress in positive Energie umwandeln. Trias (Stuttgart) 2020. 152 pages. ISBN 978-3-432-11014-1. D: 14,99 EUR, A: 15,50 EUR.
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Sabrina Haase started her program with a deep conviction that a changed mindset is sufficient to perceive stress as a positive impulse. At the beginning the readers are introduced to the process of stress perception and stress management. After that the author establishes the connection to the mindset. As a solution for dealing with stress, Haase offers a change of perspective in the evaluation of stressful situations. Sabrina Haase shows how a changed mindset can be developed within her 6-weeks training program. Anyone can use the “literary coach” to rewrite their own mindset. Her way of writing is further very helpful. A greater openness to aspects of dangerous to health would have been desirable, for example chronic stress as the greatest cause of stress at work.


A 6-week-program that is easily to follow. The aim should be to work through the program in order to decide for each of us whether a reassessment of everyday demands will work. It is definitely worth to embark the adventure of increasing self-efficacy. Readers and trainees have to decide for themselves whether and how the severity of the perception of stress depends mainly on their own ways of thinking.

Review by
Prof. Dr. phil. Barbara Wedler

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