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Anja Röcke, Steven Sello (Eds.): Lebensführung, Lebenskunst, Lebenssinn

Reviewed by Prof. Dr. phil. Barbara Wedler, 2022-09-29

Cover Anja Röcke, Steven Sello (Hrsg.): Lebensführung, Lebenskunst, Lebenssinn ISBN 978-3-7799-6189-5

Anja Röcke, Steven Sello (Eds.): Lebensführung, Lebenskunst, Lebenssinn. Im Spannungsfeld von Autonomie und Heteronomie. Beltz Juventa (Weinheim und Basel) 2021. 204 pages. ISBN 978-3-7799-6189-5. D: 34,95 EUR, A: 35,90 EUR.

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This reference book refers to the conference “Way of living, art of living and meaning of life. Sociology, Philosophy and Psychology of Life” (Berlin, 2019). The different publications are dealing with the content of the components: way of living, art of living and meaning of life. The releases look at the mentioned topics from the perspectives of sociology, philosophy and psychology. The authors pursue the target to build a bridge between these disciplines. On this connection, they draw a complex picture of the challenges, forms and consequences of life in the present. In eleven text releases, the authors deal with the selected components of life in an interdisciplinary manner. The focus is always on the concept of “life”. Related to the content scientific-theoretical considerations, practical transfer and case analysis play a role. This complex professional discourse on the topics of "life management, art of living and meaning of life" encourages readers to reflect on their own lives. They refer to the meaning of life and clarify the tension between autonomy and heteronomy in modern age. Whether in the scientific debate (based e.g. on the writings of Simmel and Foucault) or when looking at an individual person (specifically by competitive sportsmen and -women) they illustrate the importance of the social sciences for understanding life in general. There are also discussions of meaning with patients during their stays in the clinic. These illustrate the design of life in the modern age. 


This anthology takes readers to the essential: life in general. In this context, the following questions are raised: "How?", "Where to?" and "What for?". In some cases some answers are given. The complex questions from different disciplines enrich and expand the professional discourse. Even non-scientists are sensitized to think about their own priorities, such as the desire for optimization. Thanks to the differentiated scientific discussion, also interested people find suggestions and answers for general questions about life. Therefore, this reference book deserves widespread attention in expert committees, in the study of social sciences and in the professional field of crisis intervention in a broader sense. The task of giving life meaning remains a life task that everyone should face up with. This anthology will help. Therefore, as many people as possible should read it… and relate it to themselves.

Review by
Prof. Dr. phil. Barbara Wedler

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