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Ludwig Huber: Das rationale Tier

Reviewed by Dr. Antje Flade, 2022-04-21

Cover Ludwig Huber: Das rationale Tier ISBN 978-3-518-58771-3

Ludwig Huber: Das rationale Tier. Eine kognitionsbiologische Spurensuche. Suhrkamp Verlag (Berlin) 2021. 671 pages. ISBN 978-3-518-58771-3. D: 34,00 EUR, A: 35,00 EUR, CH: 45,90 sFr.
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The book provides a comprehensive account of current knowledge about the cognitive abilities of non-human creatures. The basic question of whether animals can be rational is systematically answered by the author on the basis of six cognitive performances that are characteristic of rational thought. The basis is the author's profound knowledge of the numerous empirical research projects in the field of comparative cognitive science. Not only the state of knowledge is presented. In addition, empirically based arguments are provided to change ethically questionable attitudes towards animals.

Review by
Dr. Antje Flade

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