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Johannes Herwig-Lempp: Systemische Sozialarbeit

Reviewed by Prof. em. Dr. phil. habil. Jan-Peter Domschke, 2022-04-11

Cover Johannes Herwig-Lempp: Systemische Sozialarbeit ISBN 978-3-525-40783-7

Johannes Herwig-Lempp: Systemische Sozialarbeit. Haltungen und Handeln in der Praxis. Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht (Göttingen) 2022. 449 pages. ISBN 978-3-525-40783-7. D: 40,00 EUR, A: 42,00 EUR.
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Johannes Herwig-Lempp not only presents a comprehensive introduction to systemic social work from a constructivist perspective, but he also combines his concern with the description and explanation of "attitudes and actions" in practice. For this reason, the book can also be read over long stretches as a set of instructions for action or guidance for successful and effective practical social work. In this respect, the reader can expect handouts. The enclosed working materials are a great benefit for practical work and a good resource for professional social workers. However, reading the publication also raises questions. I got the impression that the concept of system often only served to gain an understanding of the fact that social relations and contexts cannot be described and analysed in isolation from each other. The discussion about "scientification" of social work and about "social work science", which has been going on for many years, is also reflected in the arguments and assertions in this book. Unfortunately, the author hardly addresses the significance of logic for attitudes and actions and the importance of linguistic design.

Review by
Prof. em. Dr. phil. habil. Jan-Peter Domschke

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