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Burkhart Brückner: Kurze Geschichte der Psychiatrie

Reviewed by Dr. Anja Katharina Peters, 2024-01-31

Cover Burkhart Brückner: Kurze Geschichte der Psychiatrie ISBN 978-3-8252-6053-8

Burkhart Brückner: Kurze Geschichte der Psychiatrie. Psychiatrie Verlag GmbH (Köln) 2023. 192 pages. ISBN 978-3-8252-6053-8. D: 30,00 EUR, A: 30,90 EUR, CH: 37,50 sFr.

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The „Kurze Geschichte der Psychiatrie“ (A Short History of Psychiatry) by Burkhart Brückner offers a concise overview of several centuries of history of medicine. The book presents besides Central European history of psychiatry also lines of tradition in Mexico and East Asia. It addresses students and scholars as well as patients and those around them.

Review by Dr. Anja Katharina Peters
Professorin für Pflege/Pflegewissenschaft an der Evangelischen Hochschule Dresden

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