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Linking and embedding reviews in your own pages

You can easily include references to socialnet Reviews in your pages and thus offer added value to your visitors.

Simple linking

You set links to the socialnet Reviews, individual reviews or overviews at socialnet. As long as you only link and do not take over the review or embed it in your page through frames, we do not need to approve it. We are rather pleased about every reference to our offer. You are welcome to inform us about the linking.

You link to the socialnet Reviews:

<a href="" target="_top">socialnet Reviews: Daily up-to-date reviews of specialist books in the field of social work and social management.</a>

You link to a single review:

<a href="" target="_top">socialnet Reviews: Review of Author: Title by Reviewer</a>

In doing so, replace 1234.php with the file name of the desired review, and the terms author, title, and reviewer with the appropriate information.

You link to all reviews of a keyword:

<a href="" target="_top">socialnet Reviews: Book reviews on the topic of "Alter"</a>

In doing so, replace the keyword "Alter" in the link and description with a term of your choice.

Dynamic integration

The dynamic integration of review overviews is a very convenient way to always refer to current reviews on socialnet without having to constantly adapt your own page. Thematic focal points can be formed and the presentation can be controlled.

Each time your page is called up, the dynamic integration starts a query at socialnet to list the reviews you want. This means that every review published with us is immediately available on your website without you having to do anything beyond the one-time linking.

In order for the cooperation to work smoothly, we ask you to observe the following rules, which you accept by using the dynamic linking described here:

  • Please subscribe to the socialnet newsletter. Via the newsletter we will inform you about changes in the conditions of dynamic linking and technical changes. The conditions are considered accepted one month after sending to the last mail address you provided.
  • The references integrated by you may not be changed. In particular, integration is only permitted with links to socialnet and the socialnet book distribution service.
  • If you intend to integrate a link into pages with a high number of hits (more than 5,000 page views per day), please contact us beforehand.

The technical integration can be done in three ways.

If you have PHP on your web server and the readfile() function is allowed, insert the following code on your page:


The name of your page where you paste the code must usually end in .php. Instead of "YourParameters", enter the parameters explained in the next section.

If the readfile() function has been excluded by your system administrator, you can try the following code:

   $ch = curl_init (''); 
   curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);
   echo curl_exec($ch);
   curl_close ($ch);

If both methods fail and your webmaster does not provide you with the necessary functions, you can make an integration via iFrames:

<iframe src=''>
   <p>Unfortunately, your browser cannot display embedded frames: you can access the embedded page by clicking on the following link: <a href=''>selected reviews</a></p>

However, from the point of view of websites that are as barrier-free as possible, this method should only be regarded as a last option. You can find further notes on integration using frames at SELFHTML.

You control the selection of reviews by individually defined parameters, which you insert in place of "YourParameters" in the above code. Please pay attention to the distinction between upper and lower case.

auswahl=keyword auswahl=Alter You want to display reviews for a keyword.
auswahl=keyword1;keyword2 auswahl=Altenarbeit;Altenhilfe You want to combine reviews for several keywords in one list. All reviews that are tagged with "Altenarbeit" or "Altenhilfe" will be displayed. Please do not enter spaces before or after the semicolon.
auswahl=review number auswahl=1234 You only want to link a review.
auswahl=reviewer or publisher   Please ask the editor how to link to a reviewer's or publisher's reviews.
    You omit the "auswahl" parameter to display only the most recent tip from the editorial team. This will cause your website to change every few days.
auswahl=TIPPS auswahl=TIPPS By specifying this, you will receive a list of tips from the socialnet editorial team.
&anzahl=number of reviews &anzahl=20 If you do not specify a number, up to 10 of the most recent matching reviews will be displayed. You can shorten the list by specifying a smaller number or expand the list by specifying a larger number. By specifying 0 you will get all available reviews displayed.
&jahr=maximum age of the titles &jahr=3 The display is limited to titles from the current year and the specified number of previous years. If you omit the specification, titles from the current year and the last 6 years are displayed.

The specifications can be combined. Example:;Drogenkonsum&anzahl=0&jahr=4

The link provides all reviews of titles from the current and previous four years that are keyed to either addiction or substance use.

The link provides the last 20 recommendations of the editors.

You can test the selection by typing the link in the browser and varying it until you get the result you want. Then include the link on your website in one of the ways described above.

We would be happy if you tell us about your experiences with the integration. If you have any technical problems, please contact your local webmaster or system administrator. Suggestions for improvement and errors in the compilation of reviews or the HTML code we provide (please test the link beforehand directly in the browser without integration) please send to us.

Adoption of reviews

The reviews are protected by copyright. If you would like to take over reviews completely or in large parts, please conclude an agreement with us beforehand. The editorial staff of the reviews will be happy to assist you.