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Notes for authors of the reviewed titles

Your book has been reviewed? Read frequent questions and answers about the socialnet Reviews.

Where can I suggest my book for review?

The editorial staff of the review service systematically screens all thematically relevant new publications that are registered with the German National Library. If your book receives an ISBN via the publisher, you can assume that the publisher will provide bibliographic data and deposit copies to the German National Library. We will then automatically become aware of your publication. In these cases, it does not make sense for you to send information material to us or to ask us for it. Only in the case of titles that are not available through bookstores or theĀ German National Library can you send the editorial office brief information via the contact form. Please also mention the source of supply. Unfortunately, our capacities are so limited that the editorial staff can only consider about 5% of all new publications. We ask for your understanding that we do not provide information about planned reviews and reasons for selection or rejection. The failure of a review to materialize may be due, among other things, to the fact that we have not found a reviewer even after several inquiries or that the agreed review has not been submitted to us within a reasonable period of time. You can subscribe to our free socialnet newsletter, which lists all new reviews, so that you can find out in a timely manner whether your publication has been reviewed.

Can I promote the creation of a review?

In order to ensure an independent review, the editorial team independently selects suitable professionals for a review project. We conclude a written agreement with all reviewers beforehand and clarify the quality requirements for publishing a review on socialnet.
Since reviews submitted by authors could be suspected of being a favor to the reviewer, we ask that you refrain from submitting them. For the same reason, we ask that you do not suggest reviewers for your publication.

How can I increase the chance that my book will be reviewed?

Check our sponsor overview to see if your publisher has already decided to partner with socialnet reviews. New releases from sponsors are given priority in the selection process. Sponsorship has no influence on the content of the review and is no guarantee that your title will be selected. But it does increase your chances of consideration. Therefore, you should encourage your publisher to become a sponsor and make them aware of the good arguments for sponsorship.

To what extent can I use the review of my publication?

You are welcome to link to the reviews from your homepage or to quote the reviews within the scope permitted by copyright law. If you are interested in using complete reviews or longer excerpts, please make a written agreement about the use with us beforehand.

How can socialnet help my book gain wider distribution?

socialnet is one of the most active, broad-based providers of specialist information for social welfare, healthcare and nonprofit management on the Internet. Our portals register several million page views a year and our socialnet newsletter is read by around 10,000 professionals and managers in the social economy. See media data (in german). Against this background, we can offer a wide range of advertising options (in german). These include, for example, classic and innovative advertising formats on our portals, newsletter ads and rental of addresses of social institutions. You can refer your publisher to these target group-specific advertising opportunities or place advertisements yourself. If you are interested, please contact our advertising management.

How can I contact a reviewer?

If a reviewer agrees, we offer a link to a contact form and to a personal homepage below the review. Please contact us in this way.

Who do I contact if I disagree with a review?

A critical discourse about professional publications is in the interest of the editorial team. Therefore, we are happy to receive a factual response from you and publish it together with the review. In case of doubt, a competently conducted discourse promotes the publicity and dissemination of the publication. On the other hand, a critical review can also be a useful occasion to critically question your own positions.

Should you come across false statements of fact or other legally objectionable aspects, we ask you to first clarify this directly with the reviewer. Of course, in the event of obvious errors, agreement by the reviewer, or the submission of court decisions to the reviewer, we will immediately correct the offending passages in accordance with the court findings. We ask for your understanding that we cannot carry out our own investigations of the facts. The editorial team also does not have the reviewed books in its possession.