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For sponsors, the socialnet Reviews offer free access to experts and managers in the social sector in a reputable environment. Sponsorship is particularly interesting for publishers and other knowledge brokers, as an increasing proportion of purchasing decisions are prepared via the internet and in some cases implemented directly.

As the leading internet review service for social welfare and non-profit management, the socialnet Reviews make a significant contribution to information about specialist publications. They are a fixed point of contact on the internet for experts: circa 3 million page impressions in 2019 prove this. More than 4,200 independent experts have now provided around 22,000 reviews. Our (german) newsletter, with over 13,500 subscribers, regularly promotes the reviews published in the previous month. Via our partner bookshop Lehmanns, reviewed titles can be ordered directly with just a few mouse clicks: the combination of reviews and integrated book dispatch is proving increasingly successful and convenient for our users.

Our success is also our problem: we now publish about 120 reviews a month. In order to be able to manage and further expand this work, we need a strategic partnership with your company. As a sponsor, you not only ensure the further expansion of this information and distribution channel, but also gain access to an interesting professional audience with a high proportion of decision makers.

  • Presence on our professional portal. You will be listed with your logo on our sponsor page. The order of listing is random and changes with each call, ensuring fair placement.
  • Presence in a leading newsletter for the social economy. We highlight new sponsors in our (german) newsletter.
  • Discount for placing advertising orders. When placing advertising orders, you as a sponsor will be granted a discount of 10%. Please refer to your sponsor status when placing your order.
  • On request, we can implement a dynamic link to current reviews of a keyword of interest on your website.
  • You can refer to your partnership with socialnet in your media as "Sponsor of socialnet" or "Partner of socialnet" and benefit from our reputable image. We would be happy to provide you with a socialnet logo.

Publishers benefit particularly from sponsorship.

  • Guaranteed availability. socialnet guarantees that reviews of books published by your company will be kept available for at least 5 years.
  • Systematic evaluation of your publishing house’s new publications. socialnet assures you as a sponsor that your publishing house’s programme for the current year will be evaluated particularly carefully for suitable review projects. Furthermore all relevant publications from your house will be given a review project. Of course there will not be any influence on the content of the reviews.
  • Right to use the reviews in your publishing house publications. As a sponsor, you acquire the right to quote reviews of your publications as you wish, stating the source, or to adopt them in full. The right of use covers both electronic and printed publications. We offer our sponsors automatic linking to selected reviews for their publisher’s homepage. We would be happy to develop an individual solution with you for your publishing programme.
  • Links to text samples can be added to the bibliographic information on request.
  • Early reviews. For sponsoring publishers, review projects are selected and initiated before the publication dates. Other review projects often only come about once the titles have been indexed in the German National Library.
  • Linking to your online shop. If the reviewed title can be accessed in the shop via the ISBN or EAN, the review will be forwarded directly to your publisher's online shop.

Take advantage of the numerous benefits of sponsorship and at the same time help to further develop and expand the review service with your sponsorship - we still have many plans!

Your contribution as a sponsor: The annual contribution plus VAT is agreed individually. Sponsorship can be terminated at any time by giving one month’s written notice to the end of the calendar year. You enjoy the benefits from your first payment on our invoice. Our (german) General Terms and Conditions apply.

Do you still have question or did you decide already? Get in touch with the editorial team of the review service.

We are looking forward to a partnership with you!