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Yellow Pages

This first socialnet service was launched in January 1999 with the aim of providing real benefits. Even back then, there were more than enough link lists with random composition and unstructured presentation. Essential characteristics for the web catalog were from the beginning:

  • expert structuring of the links to facilitate orientation
  • competent commenting, so that the interesting links of a rubric can be found quickly
  • completeness for as many central categories as possible
  • the most important links for topics that are less central to socialnet.

There will never be a complete overview of all relevant institutions and topics, but the approximation has already succeeded in many sections from home supervision to workshops for disabled people.

The next step will be to convert the web catalog into an address book. The yellow pages already offers many advantages:

  • You only need one business directory for all cases, instead of numerous thematically limited address books, facility guides and lists, because socialnet covers the entire breadth of the social economy, including many facilities, the most important authorities and topic portals.
  • Use is free of charge. Neither ongoing fees nor annual acquisition costs are incurred.
  • socialnet is always up-to-date and not, like the print edition, from the previous year.
  • URL, mail form and address are on the screen with a click on the link "Details & Contact".
  • In many cases, you will not only get a comment on the entry, but also links to other relevant entries, e.g. institutions of a sponsor or members of an association.