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Joint World Conference On Social Work Education and Social Development 2022

Kongress, Tagung

  • 26.–28.10.2022
  • ROK Seoul - South Korea
  • Joint World Conference on Social Work and Social Development
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The Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development 2022, under the theme “Redefining Social Policy and Social Work Practice in A Post-Pandemic Society: Social Welfare Programs and Social Work Education at A Crossroads” will be held from October 26 (Wed) to October 28 (Fri), 2022 in Seoul, South Korea. Hosted internationally by International Council on Social Welfare, and International Association of Schools of Social Work and hosted locally by Korea National Council on Social Welfare, Korean Council on Social Welfare Education, Korea Association of Social Workers, and Seoul Welfare Foundation.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 all around the world, we are now facing newly emerging social problems and social demands. Inequality, exclusion, discrimination, global unemployment and food insecurity has been intensified, and it is expected to be increased even more as the COVID-19 pandemic continues for over two years. Considering the changing environment of the global society, the title for 2022 SWESD conference is “Redefining social policy and social work practice in a post-pandemic society: Social welfare programs and social work education at a crossroads.” In the face of the pandemic era caused by COVID-19, and in preparation for a post-pandemic society, we would like to discuss what new social problems are emerging and what political, educational and practical strategies social workers, social work educators and social welfare institutions should establish to solve social problems and social demands of citizens.

Both the International Association of Schools of Social Work(IASSW) and International Council on Social Welfare(ICSW), have played a vital role in promoting social welfare over the past 93 years as international organizations in the field of social welfare and social work. The priority areas of IASSW are social work education, research and scholarship, and various activities have been carried out at the regional, national and international levels to strengthen social work education, promote skills and strategies, strengthen exchanges and cooperation among social work educators, as well as to create a just society. ICSW mainly focuses on social development, social welfare and social justice advocacy, knowledge-building and empowerment to help vulnerable groups cope with risks and challenges, and to advocate for policies and programs to balance social and economic goals. The current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic leaves us with the responsibility as international organizations to address and advocate around emerging social problems.

The COVID-19 pandemic period last longer than anticipated, and the longer it remains amongst us, the more we need to prepare for the post-COVID19 society. Through this event, various fields of social policy, social work education and social welfare practice will be dealt with. We also intend to provide a discussion forum for policy makers, social work educators, social workers and scholars all around the world to examine the elements necessary to prepare for a post-pandemic society and to discuss strategies and capabilities to achieve a well-prepared post-pandemic society.


Joint World Conference on Social Work and Social Development